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Supporting Start-ups

How hard can it be to launch an insurance claims operation? Got a minute…?

In a highly regulated and litigious business environment, there is no room for errors. Hiring talent that does not fit the phase of business is disrupting and damaging. The use of emerging technologies can significantly enhance your business model or begin a cascade of potentially business ending challenges. And many more…

Managing a claims operation requires a different skillset than ground-up design, development, and launch. We’ve designed and built claims systems and operations from the ground floor to operational viability and bring first-hand experience to the decisions needed to succeed.

McCarthy Claims Consulting, LLC was founded in 2022 to support start-up insurance claims operations through prelaunch planning and assessment, postlaunch success analysis, nimble problem solving, and strategic planning for scale. We also support established or legacy insurance companies in the assessment of current operational efficiency and effectiveness.

We are excited to strengthen and advance the insurance industry by partnering with innovators, risk-takers, and entrepreneurs.


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