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Start up Support


Regardless of whether you’ve launched your business or you’re in the “back of the napkin” stage, McCarthy Claims Consulting has successfully worked with companies in all phases of operation.


Good strategic planning includes not only an analysis of market conditions, revenue streams and funding but also includes serious analysis of operational readiness, brand and messaging, staffing analysis and technical analysis.


While there never feels like an “ideal” time to launch, you can strategically put your business in the best place to succeed by partnering with McCarthy Claims Consulting to do the important work of bringing confidence to you, your clients, employees and investors.


Our expertise includes prelaunch operations review and analysis of both claims and non-claims operations, postlaunch analysis against expectations, nimble course correction analysis and long-term strategic planning.

Claim Operations Design/Analysis


Claims operations design is our passion. Many early-stage start-ups struggle to meet customer service goals amid building the company and far too many claim leaders are willing to wait for technology. Providing guidance on creating processes, recruiting gritty start-up minded talent, analysis of opportunities for technology to improve adjuster and customer experience is our forte. We work closely with your claims leaders to craft a vision for claims operations regardless of the level of technology currently employed.


We believe that while business evolves and scales, the allocation of resources to claims technology takes time. Your business can have great success in the interim by partnering with McCarthy Claims Consulting to create strategic operating plans that do not rely on extensive technology but rather puts the company in a position to utilize future technology effectively.


McCarthy Claims Consulting has extensive experience in the analysis of existing claims operations/performance and leverages that expertise to create operations that focus on user experience, customer experience, data collection, and analytics. In addition, we have major course correction and change management experience.

Customer Experience Design/Analysis


Regardless of if your operations have launched or not, McCarthy Claims Consulting can craft a customer service strategy that is industry leading.


Customer service operations require a keen understanding of process flow in relation to technological capabilities. Technology does not always replace the human factor effectively, and the need for empathy, competence, and clarity, delivered by passionate people, is paramount. McCarthy Claims Consulting has created these teams and works with their clients to tailor a solution that supports the company vision.


Review and analysis of current customer experience operations can provide insights into areas of opportunity for increased customer service scoring metrics, team assessments, efficiency, and compliance.

Claims Auditing


McCarthy Claims Consulting offers nationwide claims auditing services for Property and Casualty claims for fronting carriers, reinsurers, or independent MGA program audits. Assessments of claims team acumen, compliance, reserving practices, customer service and best practices available.


We offer independent auditing services that allow for an unbiased assessment which protects the integrity of the review.

Claim Management System Design and Evaluation


We offer insurance and claims related software creation consulting in relation to industry best practices as well as review of new claims system or claims related software analysis. McCarthy Claims Consulting has been involved in the creation of five claims system build outs and multiple claim system upgrades and new development projects.


We review proprietary claims management systems in relation to client expectations as well as assessment of client ecosystem readiness for technology implementation. Technology that outpaces the business ecosystem can cause undo business stress and a disappointing return on investment.


With nearly 30 years of experience, we are considered subject matter experts in insurance litigation, compliance, and industry best practices.

Management/Leadership Consulting


To best ensure the longevity and success of any business organization there must be leaders who know how to manage processes and lead people through difficult or challenging times. Leading when things are great is not hard, but leading when everything seems to be imploding is another story.


McCarthy Claims Consulting has worked with managers and leaders to identify areas of leadership challenge and provides insights into authenticity, transparency, communication, work balance and personal strategic planning. We know the skillsets required of quality start-up leaders and the traits that are a detriment to an intelligently run operation.


Having navigated the often-chaotic environment around start-ups in an executive role four times, Darin has assembled high performing teams from concept to viability. It is incumbent for leaders to know how to effectively hire, motivate, mentor, advocate and hold accountable the people who do the hard work in a start-up environment. The pace can be fast, the goals can be grand and the people doing the work are counting on leaders to lead.

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