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Management/Leadership Consulting

To best ensure the longevity and success of any business organization there must be leaders who know how to manage processes and lead people through difficult or challenging times. Leading when things are great is not hard, but leading when everything seems to be imploding is another story.

McCarthy Claims Consulting has worked with managers and leaders to identify areas of leadership challenge and provides insights into authenticity, transparency, communication, work balance and personal strategic planning. We know the skillsets required of quality start-up leaders and the traits that are a detriment to an intelligently run operation.

Having navigated the often-chaotic environment around start-ups in an executive role four times, Darin has assembled high performing teams from concept to viability. It is incumbent for leaders to know how to effectively hire, motivate, mentor, advocate and hold accountable the people who do the hard work in a start-up environment. The pace can be fast, the goals can be grand and the people doing the work are counting on leaders to lead.


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