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Claim Operations Design/Analysis

Claims operations design is our passion. Many early-stage start-ups struggle to meet customer service goals amid building the company and far too many claim leaders are willing to wait for technology. Providing guidance on creating processes, recruiting gritty start-up minded talent, analysis of opportunities for technology to improve adjuster and customer experience is our forte. We work closely with your claims leaders to craft a vision for claims operations regardless of the level of technology currently employed.

We believe that while business evolves and scales, the allocation of resources to claims technology takes time. Your business can have great success in the interim by partnering with McCarthy Claims Consulting to create strategic operating plans that do not rely on extensive technology but rather puts the company in a position to utilize future technology effectively.

McCarthy Claims Consulting has extensive experience in the analysis of existing claims operations/performance and leverages that expertise to create operations that focus on user experience, customer experience, data collection, and analytics. In addition, we have major course correction and change management experience.


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